About Us

We are a diverse group of professionals who all share a passion for research and technology. We believe in the potential of cannabis, and we strive to discover a common language around cannabis by conducting rigorous clinical trials, using cutting edge AI, and facilitating crowdsourced cultural mapping.

Our backgrounds include medicine, nursing, computer science, data informatics, research, biochemistry, and business. After the identification of this gap between the public and cannabis, we decided to use our collective set of skills to find a solution.

You can find more information about us here: audaciabio.com

About the study

We are excited to launch the largest all-inclusive women’s health research study If there is a gap in understanding of cannabis, then there is a chasm in the understanding of cannabis and women’s health.

Our study will uncover insights and reveal new narratives about the impact cannabis has on women’s health and wellness.

  • Why do women consume cannabis, and when?

  • What forms do women consume more of?

  • Where does cannabis fit into Women’s Health?

  • How does cannabis alter women’s behavior?

  • What kind of remedies does it hold?

Our Study Approach

Most drug research studies are conducted as experimental Studies using a Random Controlled Clinical Trial approach. These types of studies are expensive ranging from $1 – 5m for phase 1 drug trial.

Cannabis Studies being conducted with this approach are not sustainable due to the organic nature of the Cannabis plant. They are also not cost effective nor do they deliver the results expected. Our approach involves using a type of study called a Pragmatic virtual observational study.